About Excelmech


Excelmech specializes in the fabrication of Palm Oil Mill pressure vessels, such as Sterilizers, Sterilizer Door, Back Pressure Receivers, Pressure Sand Filters, Water Softeners, Vacuum Oil Dryers, Thermal Deaerator, Vacuum Deaerators, PIG Launcher and Steam Separators. All these vessels are designed to ASME or BS codes.

Excelmech also manufactures Palm Oil Mill Proprietary Equipment such as Screw Presses, Digesters, EFB Crusher, FFB Crusher, EFB Shredder, EFB Press, Ripple Mill and other oil mill proprietary equipment.

Excelmech, has been operated since 2009, and has achieved remarkable growth due to its responsibility in providing reliable products and high-quality services through various local and international market.

Since 2009, Excelmech has followed its mission to provide to our customers the best quality product and best service. With high emphasize of Quality Control starting from material receiving, dimensional checking, welding inspection, and final inspection, Excelmech has managed to gain reputation in providing the best quality product available to our clients.

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